Road Trip Potty

Road Trip Potty…

When NOT Going is NOT an Option!

Road Trip Potty

Road Trip Potty…

Stores discreetly under a car or minivan seat.

Road Trip Potty

Road Trip Potty…

Portable urinal designed for women and girls.

Introducing the Road Trip Potty

Portable Female Urinal

Road Trip Potty offers the Road Trip Potty Portable Female Urinal, a patented solution for women and girls that eases the anxiety of road trip travel!  

  • Supports improved bladder health – go instead of trying to hold it 
  • Reduces pee anxiety – no more searching for available public restrooms 
  • Avoid stopping at dirty public restrooms
  • Avoid “popping the car doors and squatting on the side of the road”

Features and Usage

Road Trip Potty

Portable urinal designed and contoured specifically for women and girls.

Stores easily under a vehicle seat.

Stores discreetly under a passenger car or minivan seat until needed.

Self Contained Porta Potty

Has a spout for easy voiding and holds up to 19 ounces of liquid.

Made of heat-resistant plastic

Made from a heat-resistant plastic that allows for long-term storage.

Road Trip Potty is ideal for the following:

  • Women and girls who spend a significant amount of time in a vehicle
  • Girls who are potty-training
  • Pregnant women who spend a significant amount of time in a vehicle
  • Women who frequently urinate and/or have difficulty controlling their bladder
  • Women in wheelchairs

Our Products

Portable Female Urinal

Car Seat Cover

Discretion Blanket

Specials and Limited Time Offers


Road Trip Potty Special Introductory Promotion

Road Trip Potty Kit

Angela Brathwaite

About the inventor

Angela Brathwaite
Inventor of “Road Trip Potty”

While serving as a high school administrator, I had an accident where I incurred knee and back injuries. Needing to stay with friends and commuting to medical appointments, I found myself stuck in traffic needing to go to the restroom.  After researching possible products to address the concerns of women and girls needing to go to the restroom while stuck in traffic and talking to girlfriends and mothers of young girls, I was inspired to design a solution for both women and girls who found themselves sitting in traffic without urination options. 

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Road Trip Potty

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